Monday, 26 March 2012


At least once a year I try and go up Snowdon. It can be a bit tough in bits and the weather conditions can change in seconds, freezing cold, gale force winds, heavy cloud cover, you just never know what to expect on the ascent.
Each time I go up I have been trying to go up faster or do a different route or section. This time I took the main Miners path which sort of follows the train tracks for a fair distance. I made it up from the Llanberis train station in exactly 1 Hour 30 minutes and the whole ascent was one of the best that I've done. Even though it was 20degrees there was hardly anyone on the mountain, certainly not the large tourist crowds that you can get wandering about in the summer. The sky was cloudless and the slightest of wind blew, even at the cross over bridge and at the summit.
All the people you see on the mountain say hi and all the girls just look ace and gorgeous in their vests and salomon shoes or boots. Chicks and North Face is always a better combo than scousebrows and heels in my option. Mind you there is a time and a place for everything.
As you can see from these snaps there was the obligatory sheep dogs on the summit and I'd grown a beard to get into the whole 'outdoors' style, rounded off with a buff snood thing, a few base layers and a hydration backpack. Style, fashion and function. Haha, I ain't Bear Gryles.

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