Sunday, 31 March 2013


It is getting towards the end of March and the weather went a bit crazy and it snowed like crazy for a couple of days. I went off into North Wales to check it out and ended up being on Channel 4 news being interviewed and snowboarding for a few seconds. Here are a few snaps from my days out, I had to dig my car out twice, drove along snow covered roads in the hope that I didn't slide off the road, I saw sheep and baby/lambs that were so cold they came to me for some food. There were a few cars totally buried in snow and some epic snow drift formations. I had so much fun in the isolation of a solo snow mission. Not quite as epic as Half The Kings of Adventure (Seth Holton) check out Vermontbmx on flickr, but I'm trying to keep it Adequate.

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  1. You're mad dude......... but I always knew that....... Those poor lil lambs... ahhhhhh....