Saturday, 29 August 2009

Manchester Velodrome

Have you got a spare tenner? Want to know the best thing you can do with it?
Log onto Manchester Velodrome's site and look up, 'Taster Sessions'.

Filming. Footage. Clips

Peter Adam, top class Irish idiot, was in Liverpool the other day filming fellow Irishman Jason Phealon for an upcoming Nike 6.0 web vid project. I took them around a few spots and due to the persistent rain we ended up gaining entry to some abandoned warehouse and other structures (zoom in at the top of the turret). Years ago I just used to film but now I was logging footy and clips.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Epicness in Lochness (Part 2)

Fort William is a mecca for adventure. After hiking and climbing you can ride your MTB on a World class downhill venue or cruise about on the many cycle tracks. We hired MTB's from a local shop. We'd expected them to be real ratty bikes but they were virtually new Specialized Hardrocks and the shop put racks and panniers on for us. Brilliant.
We started off the journey with a bottle of Stella and followed the Great Glen Way up towards Inverness. The terrain varied with open tracks, singletrack, really hilly miles and some real off road stuff, which was rough enough to bounce my pannier off the rack. The scenery was constanly changing and the photo opportunities kept springing up.
Eventually we set up camp in a woods. The next day we set back and did the epic journey in reverse. The last 20 miles were ridden into a headwind with driving rain.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Epicness in Lochness (Part one) was in his native home of Scotland for a few days, so I went to see him and have some adventure time. We started off in Glasgow and drove up through the stunning scenery to Fort William where we hiked up Ben Nevis. We had good weather on the ascent which had Sandy reaching for one of his multiple cameras every few minutes to capture the dramatic changing light. About ten minutes from the summit the weather quickly closed in and the thick cloud cover started to drop heavy rain and create a near apcalyptic landscape.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Co ordinating bike and attire.

Is there much toe overlap? Is it barspinable? Does it pop up easy for spins? So many questions, one simple answer.....who gives a fuck. This old guy is living the dream.

Nocturne Series. Blackpool

I really like the Nocturne Series. It brings cycling right into city locations and presents it in a specator friendly way. The usual entertaining sideshows of the Rollapoluza Racing and Brompton race were completley overshadowed by the entertainment of people watching in Blackpool. Stag and Hen do's on a Saturday night, it's total carnage.

Gabe's outfit

Friday, 7 August 2009

Art Gallery Bicycle Photograph No. 2

Found this gem on ebay... Built it up with two race-blade mudguards, Brooks B17 saddle, Time pedals, Alluminium rack, two bottle cages, Arbus lock and a Cat Eye cycle computer: There is nothing quite like a custom ride.