Sunday, 31 March 2013

Snow-tastic 2. Spunk from the sky

After even more spunk from the sky (snow) on Saturday night,  Sunday saw me head back into Wales. All the main routes were blocked so I made use of my cycling knowledge of the back lanes in the countryside. After a while I found a safe parking area, sorted my backpack supplies and hiked out on the deep snow covered roads to see what I could find. In parts the snow had drifted and covered the road to at least 6 foot deep. Eventually I found a field with drifted snow down one side of it that had formed all kinds of rollers, kickers and a natural quarter pipe for at least 50 metres. I also did a few higher hikes up the deeper powder and made tracks with the snow being so dep I was able to cross from field to field going over gates and fences. I had so much fun and I'm that easily pleased that I spent about 8 hours out in the snow..........the really shocking thing about it all was that I didn't

even draw any cocks or build and snow cock and balls. Shit, I hope I'm not growing up.


It is getting towards the end of March and the weather went a bit crazy and it snowed like crazy for a couple of days. I went off into North Wales to check it out and ended up being on Channel 4 news being interviewed and snowboarding for a few seconds. Here are a few snaps from my days out, I had to dig my car out twice, drove along snow covered roads in the hope that I didn't slide off the road, I saw sheep and baby/lambs that were so cold they came to me for some food. There were a few cars totally buried in snow and some epic snow drift formations. I had so much fun in the isolation of a solo snow mission. Not quite as epic as Half The Kings of Adventure (Seth Holton) check out Vermontbmx on flickr, but I'm trying to keep it Adequate.