Monday, 25 February 2013

Wanksey not Banksey

The Gentlemans Pistols song, 'Sherman Tank' is inspired by this bit of art I found someone had drawn on a wall. Spunk canon!

Ships and boats and ferries

I rode along the banks of the Mersey the other day and there was an aircraft carrier docked so there were alot of people about the prom to check it out. It might be of interest to some but I don't think it is anywhere as impressive as these two dudes who have built a pirate ship out of the driftwood, along with all the Mersey Trout, they find washing up in New Brighton. Public art. The local scallies haven't even tried to smash it up or burn it down yet.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ride Journal

It's the trip that keeps giving coverage. The new issue of The Ride Journal is out now and features the ride from Seattle to SF. Really good issue of stories and thoughts on cycling. Wordy and aesthetically pleasing. This just a small sample of the article.

Annual Posting

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Full Pipe

For years there have been people who used to dream of and search for full pipes. They were almost mythical concrete creations in the U.K. but few people ever got to ride them. There have been a few wooden ones built but they disappeared along time ago. Nowadays some of the new concrete parks have cradles in them but if you ever feel the need to ride a full pipe you can turn up at Manchester Velodrome and let rip.

A ride made for two

I love the annual cycle jumble at the velodrome. I love the atmosphere, the bargains, the rack of brand new Bianchi Pista Concepts, the eccentric old bike dudes and their assembled junk/treasure. I never expected to see a spooky, antique, dolls pram on the same stand as a motorised tandem. That looks like an epic ride.