Friday, 30 October 2009

Say what you see.....

A garden, a black Dolan cyclo-cross bike, a large, yellow, wooden, phallic shaped snail.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Old Bwlch and old men

I did the Jack McAllister & Mel Vasey Memorial Ride, which is organised by Birkenhead North End. It all started off nice and flat. I managed to get myself in with a group of veterens and then things started to get harder. An endless mix of climbs out into Wales. I made it to Denbigh, which was the start of the Sportsman cat 1 climb for 5 miles, it was here that the old dudes started to gap me and leave me behind. I never saw them again until i caught up with them at a cafe in Ruthin.
Eventually we made it to the Old Bwlch. This is a savage, uncatigorised climb; 1.4 miles long, 260 metres of climbing that is 25% in places. I've ridden this quite a few times and it never gets any easier. I used the notoriously steep hairpin as a point to take a photo (catch my breath). The only good thing about reaching the top of this climb is the straight 30+mph descent.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Howard Cooke. Amanda Cooke.

A few weeks ago Howard Cooke married Amanda.
Best wishes for your future together.
Photos, top to bottom:- Mr & Mrs Cooke
Brothers from different mothers; Ade and his ventriloquist dummy Howard
Crew (Ade, Russ, Andy Ukele, Scott Bourne, Willie, H, Amanda, Charlie Cooke)
Look at the size of Joel's buttonhole flower

Thursday, 15 October 2009


I met Danny Ingram for a couple of pints last night. He had stories of old men dying and knocking for help in the flat above, transvestites from big brother snogging 18yo scallies, getting cut, KO'd and kicked out of clubs.

Here's Danny doing the law courts rail in in Liverpool bare foot. Cheers to Chris Brazel for the photo.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


There is a recession going on, pro riders may need expences, insurance and salaries so if you're a real BMX bike company and not an energy drink company or Nike you'll be looking for any extra revenue to keep the dream alive. Que the return of the finger bike. You want to know the ultimate BMX question; how much does it weigh? The answer is 7 grammes, that should be light enough for you to get killa pop on those 3's and whips. How long till there is a, 'Fixed Finger Bike'? (intellectual copyright)