Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Old Bwlch and old men

I did the Jack McAllister & Mel Vasey Memorial Ride, which is organised by Birkenhead North End. It all started off nice and flat. I managed to get myself in with a group of veterens and then things started to get harder. An endless mix of climbs out into Wales. I made it to Denbigh, which was the start of the Sportsman cat 1 climb for 5 miles, it was here that the old dudes started to gap me and leave me behind. I never saw them again until i caught up with them at a cafe in Ruthin.
Eventually we made it to the Old Bwlch. This is a savage, uncatigorised climb; 1.4 miles long, 260 metres of climbing that is 25% in places. I've ridden this quite a few times and it never gets any easier. I used the notoriously steep hairpin as a point to take a photo (catch my breath). The only good thing about reaching the top of this climb is the straight 30+mph descent.

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