Sunday, 21 April 2013

Empire State Failing

You're in dat der New York and you want some epic images of some of the iconic skyline. On, 'Top Of The Rock' you can see the stunning skyline in all it's glory and you join in as everyone catches the images of a lifetime. To get a photographic momento you have to entrust someone to capture it for you. So, you bring out the fool proof T5 and hand it over to a girl packed down with digital cameras all over her person so you figure she'll know she has a bit of a clue about photography and that one of the most obvious things to get in the frame of the photo, along with the people, is the Empire State Building...................a week later you get the film developed to discover epic fail. (Once again, I can't work out how to rotate the photo, double epic fail).

False advertising

There are quite a few things to point out with these photos; She may proclaim to be the Naked Cowgirl but she did have some clothing on to cover her modesty but the clothing definitely wasn't appropriate for cattle herding and I told her so, she was lacking spurs and chaps at the very least and I very much doubt any lifestock have made their way into Times Square.
(Sorry I don't know how to rotate the images).

Monday, 15 April 2013

Wooden Donkey Club

At least a decade ago I used to have stacks of visitors from all over the World stay at Chateau Coombes. One of the crews that came through a few times were The Wooden Donkey Club, from Ireland. Their president was a fun dude called Jay Doherty, a.k.a the Jay-bone, a.k.a The Swan. He'd come over on sleazy jet with Bruce the Ox and Rich Gilly Gilligan. They were usually armed with nothing more than skateboards, a huge bundle of energy and enthusiasm to skate anywhere or anything. They were always kind enough to bring gifts like fanzines or videos for me but on their first trip over Jay brought this Wooden Donkey. Apparently he sat it next to him on the plane. I've treasured it in my garden ever since as a memento of his fun spirit. I've had to paint it a few times to try and protect it from the elements. This year the Wooden Donkey is sporting a bright aqua colour.
Thanks The Swan for the smiles and the inspiration.