Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bikes and Boards


Airport Security Alert

So, I'm on holiday in Turkey and having a mooch around the, 'blag' shops when my girlfriend spots the ultimate holiday gift for me. After a short, obligatory haggle I became the proud owner of a Turkish sculpture.
Next day, I'm packed up and at the Airport. The procedure here was after check in you took your bags to the security x-ray machines. It was a very busy time with three flights all boarding within half an hour of each other. I load my suitcase onto the conveyor belt and as I walk through the body scanner without incident I turn to watch my bag come through the x-ray scanner and I'm suddenly aware at the increase in Turkish being spoken by the guards as a number of them gather around the x-ray monitor. The conveyor belt goes into reverse and my bag enters the machine again. As the bag re-emerges, a security guard asks if it is my bag, if I had packed it, if I knew it's contents, if I was carrying any weapons and if I could open the bag. I oblige and unzip the bag and start searching with him. I'm slightly unnerved as I notice that the queue is building behind the security zone as all the guards gather around me, chuckling and talking as I pull out the, 'suspicious' contents from my bag. They wanted to confirm that I wasn't carrying a weapon as I stood there, holding aloft 8 inches of solid stone, like a trophy of embarrassment.
My girlfriend and the guards were in fits laughing, the huge queue behind us looked less amused.

Monday, 24 September 2012

SF hills

The hills of SF are just so iconic. Images of them have been burnt into my brain since an early

age from film, photos and video. I've since been enough to go up and down many of these famous hills. Walking, driving, skating and riding, the hills are just so fun and sometimes scary.


A photo of a photographer taking a photo of another photographer

Next to compositions involving hedges this is Sandy's favourite style of photograph; a photo of a photo being taken. As a special bonus for him this is me taking a photo of a photographer taking a photo of another photographer riding his bike. As Sandy would say, 'that photo was just askin' for it'.

Since this was taken Kyle Emery-Peck broke his ankle. Heal up soon, dude.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Seattle to San Fransico

If it wasn't for Sandy inviting me and making this trip happen I would have missed an epic experience. He was a true dude the whole way. The lol-o-meter, jigger-jabber, Hasselbad and T5 moments, breaking Taj, hilarious stories and quotes,  he helped make it all stress free fun. After riding the whole distance with Sandy you have thought we'd capture the finishline with some sort of scenic, momentous photo? It might not look like it but with this photo I think we really did capture the essence of what we did......a random guy took this photo for us with one of the disposable cameras, we're giving it major jibber-jabber and sandy has a rotten black banana cock as I'm having a fit of the lolz.

Random........part 3

Random.....part 2

Random photos from the road. Part 1

Cycle lines

This summer has been pretty wet and cloudy but I did get some funny tanlines at some points in America, I got 3 stripes on my head from the vents on my helmet and the classic cycle legs line.

This sign is phish

Sandy making like a dog and getting the wallpaper out. Scenic route but a phish sign.

Dick for sure on a Richshaw

Andy Mealor is in China, I only know this because I saw it on Faceblaster and also cause he sent me this email. Living like a king being driven around Bejing..............................

"Do you reckon anybody has ever gone round a roundabout the wrong way weaving between three lanes of oncoming traffic, mostly buses, on a rickshaw?"

"No way. Defo not, its too dangerous and the driver would have to be a psycho!"


"AAAAHHHHHHHH, well I have done it, and he tried to make me tip him."

Adequate in Austin

Sandy Cars on fire, getting adequate on the roads of Texas. Like.