Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Airport Security Alert

So, I'm on holiday in Turkey and having a mooch around the, 'blag' shops when my girlfriend spots the ultimate holiday gift for me. After a short, obligatory haggle I became the proud owner of a Turkish sculpture.
Next day, I'm packed up and at the Airport. The procedure here was after check in you took your bags to the security x-ray machines. It was a very busy time with three flights all boarding within half an hour of each other. I load my suitcase onto the conveyor belt and as I walk through the body scanner without incident I turn to watch my bag come through the x-ray scanner and I'm suddenly aware at the increase in Turkish being spoken by the guards as a number of them gather around the x-ray monitor. The conveyor belt goes into reverse and my bag enters the machine again. As the bag re-emerges, a security guard asks if it is my bag, if I had packed it, if I knew it's contents, if I was carrying any weapons and if I could open the bag. I oblige and unzip the bag and start searching with him. I'm slightly unnerved as I notice that the queue is building behind the security zone as all the guards gather around me, chuckling and talking as I pull out the, 'suspicious' contents from my bag. They wanted to confirm that I wasn't carrying a weapon as I stood there, holding aloft 8 inches of solid stone, like a trophy of embarrassment.
My girlfriend and the guards were in fits laughing, the huge queue behind us looked less amused.

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