Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dick Cup

If you ain't drinking from the furry tea cup you could always give this one a try.

Granny Segway Carnage

Bike Pick Berry n Apple Pie

We went on a bike ride and picked aload of berries, went for a drink to a pub were the local cycle club had stopped off and saw the most expensive bikes I'd ever seen in real life, then we rode home, picked some apples off the tree in my garden and then made a pie complete with little maggots. Berry pie bake off, real savage like.


Babe, got back. Hell yeah.
There's junk in that trunk.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dig Photos

If you ever go to the office of the Editor of DigBMX 'zine you'll have to walk the long corridor lined with the original prints of some of the most iconic BMX photos.

Haro Master

Spotted this bike being paraded around Chester like a trophy by some Superdry/Henleys wearing tit. It was an amazing bike, totally accurate as a BMX museum piece, but all I could think about the owner was, 'You've got too much money and an ebay account, but it still can't buy you your youth back'.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Peter Crouch's New Bike

Here's Peter Crouch's new bike. And it's not an 800 quid prostitute.

The Break Down

"Why Am I Wet?"

Rolled into Biarritz not knowing where to stay. After dark and a few glasses of wine we curled up on a cosy bit of concrete and woke up on our own beach side balcony.

Flying home in pissy cycling shorts. It's a bug's life.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Our Cycle Holiday Was Better Than Yours

Art. Shiny stuff in Bilbau.

Basket Case

It looks ace and it works even better.
Gabe was the Pizza delivery boy.

Our Cycle Holiday Was Better Than Yours

Cos we're like Westwood, 'hangin' with the big dogz'