Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rapha Super Cross

The Rapha Super Cross Series was just looking like a great idea. Promoted and hyped in a way that was corporate enough for the Rapha brand yet, left enough to still appeal to riders instead of fashionistas.
Windermere was a beautiful setting, especially in the glorious sun. The crowds had turned out, the 400 free Rouleur cowbells rang out, the Duvel beer and Frites were at hand. It did have an extra special feel to the event. The course was pretty technical in parts, thick, sticky mud, roots, a few climbs and hurdles enough to give the am's and pro's a few problems. 153 riders took to the start of the Senior race before the Elite Race.
It was great seeing the pros attack the course at a speed most riders could only dream of. Nick Craig and Paul Oldham both suffered early mechanicals yet still killed it on the course.
Fantastic day riding, Fantastic spectating.

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