Monday, 28 November 2011

Art. Statement

I love words, I love people who can use words to describe and express. I can't write to save my life. This painting is just my words and I painted them mainly for the fact that if I spoke them, I'd just mumble and end up having to repeat them and then their impact is lost.
I painted this after a night out with a group of people and as always I came home alone. The main thing about this was a did it out of frustration and drunkenness. I drew the straight lines on the canvas and just wrote exactly what I felt at 4am.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we bimble through life and meet beautiful people but never have the courage to say anything to them. There are so many conversations which are left unsaid Nick. It's a shame - so many missed opportunities..... That's why eye contact is so lovely - holding that special person's gaze for just that bit longer than you should... and if they hold it back you can feel the electricity running up and down your spine..... I'm sure you've tried this though.....