Saturday, 31 December 2011

Art. You Can Have The Money And My Heart To

This painting actually won an award, actually a National award.....i know surprising. It started off with a bunch of money I had left over from a trip to Brazil. I just thought I'd use the money in an apt painting. For some people money and material things are more important than life, love, friendship etc etc.
Happy New Year.

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  1. I love this one Nick... it's raw and I'm sure touches a nerve with many people. I have come to realise that this obsessive compulsive consumerism which seems to have taken over the world takes people's souls so they no longer realise what is important anymore. They become obsessed with wanting the latest gadget or fashion item and so lose sight of themselves and what is real. You don't need all that 'stuff' and if you do then the shallowness of your personality will shine out to someone with a bit of depth.... I could wax lyrical for hours about this as it's a subject close to my heart..... and I wouldn't want to take up pages and pages of your blog with my 'hippy shit'... haha.... I'm sure you'll entice it all out of me one day in one of our conversations.... I'm sure you know... but the anonymity can be quite electric sometimes...