Wednesday, 9 October 2013

3 Peaks 2013

This is my fourth year at the 3 peaks cyclocross race and I've never raced it yet, probably never will, I'm not even sure if I'm strong enough and good enough to complete it. I go as the support dude for Yani. It's getting to be sort of routine in parts for us now, we set off early, yani needs a shit before we arrive, we park in the same sort of area, yani starts at the very back. This year the weather was sunny, bright, dry but pretty windy which made it slightly chilly. Yani rode awesome and didn't seem to struggle even after catching his bollocks into the chainstay bridge and also losing his garmin at some point. It is an incredible race, it is just so raw and untouched by over the top protocol. Yorkshire bred and raised, gnarly as fuck.

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