Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Camp site. Night time. Morning.

We expected to be be sleeping rough a few nights on this trip but as it turned out we only had to do it once.
One night we got chased by the Police after Gabe jaywalked. When the Officer found out we had no place to stay he escorted us to all the towns hotels until we booked a room.
Then we worked out we could stay with friends of George; thanks Nina and Su hyan. When the weather turned bad we stayed with them for two nights.
There is something really nice about sleeping out under the stars, it's something I haven't done on a roadtrip for a few years now. By the time we found the forest we wanted to stay in it was getting towards 10pm and the light was fading fast. The lake we had planned to sleep by turned out to be a swamp around it's edges. We scoped out another site at the back of a cornfield and lay out our sleeping bags. Pure silence and the errie, clear, darkness of the sky. What Blairwitch type creature is lurking in the forest? It wasn't long before the mozzies began their attacks. We wrapped ourselves in everything we could and applied as much mozzie repellant as possible.
We awoke a few times to witness the moonlight create a swaying sea of whiteness on the cornfield.
The next morning we surveyed the damage of the mozzie attacks. George had been a feast for them. His face was a mass of bumps and swells. He described it as feeling like he'd stuck his face in aload of nettles. Someone else said it was because even the mozzies knew he was the fittest.

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