Monday, 6 July 2009

MF Gold Teeth Mother Fucker

I was relaxing drinking a Coca Cola trying to decide how to kill my last four hours in New York. I'd locked my bike outside the shop and was sat in the sun 15 metres away round the corner on a bench.

Finished my Coke, wandered back to my bike and there's this little gnarled fellow taking the wheels off my bike. Of course he was very apologetic, "It's your lucky day man! you are LUCKY! Just after your rims man!" Offers me his hand to shake and smiles his gold-toothed smile. I'm still proud that I replied "I ain't shakin' hands with a bike thief." He tried to help me put my wheels back on, offering me his allen-keys. I flat out refused (his was a 6mm and my hubs are 1/4 inch of course). He was insistent, and trying so hard not to sound like a niive as fuck british guy I kept saying "Just get outa here, man".

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