Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fell Ride

There's some sort of radar on top of Great Dunn Fell, referred to round here as 'The Golf Ball'. It sits just next to Cross Fell, the highest point in the Penines which form the eastern wall of the Eden Valley here in Cumbria. Feeling all tough guy because I Nick dragged me up 'The Back of The Bulk' on his road bike - I tried to ride the dead-end of a road up to it.

I thought this would be the more civilised than Heartside, the other road up this side of the fell which would be buzzing with motorbikes this time on a sunday. There wasn't anything civil about it though. It's too steep. After nearly keeling over on the steepest bits I'd have to run and jump on my bike again, once it got a bit tamer, just to get the peddles round. Wrong Gear, totally.

Coming back down wasn't any fun either. After almost wearing through my tyre in the first hundred metres I got a puncture. That fixed, I'm not embarrassed to say I, walked the rest of the steep bits and only got on when I could safely woosh out onto a flattish bit.

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  1. Gabe, sweetheart, you're an inspiration.....chill out dude and rest those aching limbs....