Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Snowdon is one of the other 3 peaks

I go up Snowdon at least once a year, usually via the Llanberis route that sort of follows the train tracks up. This year was slightly different type of ascent for me in that I tried to go up as fast as comfortably possible, this would be part of my 3 Peaks training. I jogged, yomped and staggered up, not really slaughtering myself but I wasn't just ambling. It was pretty wet and very cloudy all the way up from about 500feet which sucked so there were no views at the summit.
The 3 Peaks Cyclocross race is pretty insane. Check it out on the interweb. I'd managed to get a much sought after place in this years. I've spent the last 2 months riding as much as possible in the Welsh hills, scrambling up insanely steep climbs, running in sand dunes, sprinting up thousands of steps, carrying my bike up long grassy hills, riding off road and doing all kinds of daft stuff that I thought would help me finish the race. I certainly ain't a fast or strong rider, but I'd hope to be ADEQUATE enough to get to the end of it.
As it is, I doubt I'll even make it to the start line, all that training (probably too much shoulder bike carrying) has damaged the cartlidge between the discs of my neck so I haven't been able to ride or train at all for nearly 3 weeks now. Last physio session is only a few days from the start so things aren't looking good.

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  1. Nice legs Nick....and does that neck need some female manipulation? All hot, bothered and very 'adequate'.