Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bike Karma gone wrong

A few weeks ago in work, a bike was stolen from the bikeshed. Someone gave chase and the robbing scallies threw the bike into the Mersey. I went home, took down my washing line, got a basket and went back to the Mersey and with another bit of rope and abit of luck, I managed to fish the bike back out. Pretty stoked about that so I was hoping for some good bike karma.
I recently changed the set up on my road bike, raised the stem and bars and stuff to see if it helped with my neck, so I was starting to use it and was getting used to riding it.
Someone in work had offered me some free physio treatment on my neck at a local College. That was too good an offer to give up. I rode to the college and locked up my bike to the rack. Birkenhead is sketchy at the best of times, so I took off my lights and pump just in case some knob thought it may have been funny to take them.
An hour later I came out to find my bike and a few others were gone. So the treatment was free but it had cost me a grand. Not stoked, that's got to be reverse karma?
I went back into the College to report it. Then they tell me the CCTV cameras aren't on, 'great' and then the security guy tells me, 'oh well, we had quite a few cars broken into last week'

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