Monday, 9 May 2011

Art. What Woman Wants; Shoes

This painting was originally one of a trio of paintings that I had called, 'What Woman Wants' and it was a painting of a handbag, a painting of shoes and a painting of a cock. Now I know that sounds very sexist, but in Spinal Tap fashion I prefer to say sexy. It was actually more of a social statement on 'wag culture'.
This painting was an original one and I always liked it but I did do another version of it in which the shoes were brighter red, shinier and the heels were alot longer and came to a sharp, spiked point. I did this version as a present to a lady I met through some friends. Before I was introduced to her she had been described to me as a dominatrix, the full leather trenchcoat and high heels instantly confirmed she was slightly different, when she took off the coat to reveal a pvc corset I did think it was slightly unusual attire for a Monday evening dinner with friends. She was instantly a very amiable person, humorous, very social and a pretty good cook. Apart from the dress sense I can't really say she seemed so dominant or scary. After dinner everyone was joking about her and how i hadn't seen her room. Now, the things they said about it I thought was just to joke and wind me up, it wouldn't be true? Sure the lady was dressed a little eccentric but she was so pleasant, I imagined a dominatrix to be a really mean, hard faced bitch. Before I went home, I was escorted into her room.
I guess it was just an ordinary room.........for an ordinary dominatrix!!!!!

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  1. About time you updated your blog Mr Rudikus. Very nearly blew my cover and spoke to you about it t'other day... I do miss the bloggy banter... As for the pic, killer heels indeed, and you've captured the 3 dimensional aspect perfectly. Your dinner 'date' with the 'lovely lady' also shows an admirable open mindedness about the finer things of life - ie sex..... marvellous! Keep it up... keep it coming... keep it rude.....