Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Triple art and six degrees of seperation

The other week Sandy Carson dot com went to a book launch party in Austin for a new Ed Templeton photo book. He told me he had something to post to me, eventually a tube arrived in the post. It was a poster from the book launch signed by Deanna and Ed which included a little Ed drawing, skate nerd stoke out for me. Thanks so much Sandy.
The same day as it arrived I picked up two prints that Clifford Unsworth had done for me from his art degree show. I'm loving these prints so much, simple, twisted and truthful.
Weird thing is, these all arrived to me on the same day and Clifford and Ed know each other. Six degrees and all that.
Clifford Unsworth. 'Problem Solved'
Clifford Unsworth. 'Let Me Liberate You From Your Underwear'


  1. Clifford's prints should swop titles!

  2. Bet you got that grey Wilson sock out when the Ed Templeton poster arrived Nick!! What a dude!! He certainly knows how to capture a bit of erotica. Love the Clifford stuff too - bit of rude with a bit of a caption - right up my street!