Saturday, 9 April 2011

Art. Wine

Again a lack of real artist talent forces me to keep things simple and I'm sure if I knew how to work a computer it would make stuff like this even easier by creating it in illustrator. Instead I spend ages just trying to make straight and even lines.
A year ago on 24th of April I started drinking red wine, I'd never really liked it but I have since found that in the right company it can be quite pleasant. This was actually two separate canvas, the faded red drip from the glass is actually red wine, the second canvas continued by me pouring/spilling red wine on it.
I don't claim it takes any talent to spill wine over a canvas.

1 comment:

  1. ..yes but it does take talent to take a splodge of wine and turn it into a work of art... and I much prefer a real canvas to something created on a computer which can be duplicated again and again. At least if it's 'real' it's a one-off which makes it kinda special if you ask me. I've never got on with red wine tend to stick to cups of tea these days....