Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dean Hearne and Purple Aki

This is Dean Hearne. He once had a ponytail, for which there is no reasonable excuse and he once won the Urban Games Dirt Jumping Contest, which he informs me, was technically the European Dirt Jumping Championship so that therefore made him the European Dirt jumping Champion. His next major achievement was getting last place, (the wooden spoon) in two consecutive Backyard Jams. He would have attempted what in extreme television terms they call a 'threepeat' but they stopped having those Jams.
Dean is testament to the highs and lows of BMX contest riding. He was at Rampworx in Liverpool for the first time in years with the Animal bikes crew. It was cool catching up with him, laughing, drinking tea and talking about scallies, his new Fairdale single speed bike, his favourite yoga position and his personal fitness trainer and his regime of lunges and exercises which easily brought us onto the subject of Purple Aki.
Dean had never heard of the legend that is Purple Aki. Luckily, Ben Lewis was able to drop some knowledge and confirm the infamous, bogeyman status of Mr Arobieke, a man so feared that a Crown Court Judge described him as the living embodiment of an urban myth, a real live Candyman. If you've never heard of or seen Purple Aki then I urge you to look him up on Wikipedia, You tube, Facebook or Images etc,etc.
I think Dean will be checking out who is watching him next time he is doing lunges just incase he ever hears the words, 'you look like you workout.'

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  1. That's a scary blast from the past Nick. Purple Aki used to come into a place where I used to work to try and find out address details of where certain people lived..... the scary thing was he was extremely pleasant and polite. And then he followed my friend's son home from work one day..... scary stuff..... Keep those muscles under wraps Nick... or maybe just give us girls a peek every once in a while......