Monday, 4 July 2011

It's way further than a mile. Adequate Swimmers.

A few months ago my friend from work, Sarah, entered us into a swimming race called The Dee Mile, which is abit of a lie since it is over 2000metres long. It takes place in the River Dee at Chester and the finishline is the suspension bridge.
After a few months of training we were ready for the race. That didn't really matter in the end as I messed up our chances of actually making it to the startline. You had to register no later than 6pm, then you had a 30 minute walk to the start which was at 7pm. What with me titting about on our way there we arrived in Chester so late that it meant Sarah had to jump out of my car and run to register us. Our pal, Debbie followed in her car, the only parking spaces we could find was on the main High Street. Next thing you know we're having to get changed into our wetsuits in shop doorways, obviously getting weird looks from shoppers and OAP's on their way to Bingo.
So we are very late now and we are having to run to the startline. As the three of us are running, a lady walking her fawn coloured, pug dog, trips and takes a heavy fall. We can't rush past her, so we go to her assistance. As she's laying on the floor, she lifts her head up and a blonde wig slides off her head onto the floor, were the pug instantly attacked the wig. It was a near perfect colour match, you couldn't tell were the wig started and the dog ended. Debbie wrestled the wig from the dog and as discreetly as you can do such a thing, handed the wig back to the lady, while I helped get her to sit on a bench.
It was a bit of trippy scene and I'm sure the lady was a bit freaked out as to why people were wearing wetsuits. Anyway, we were the last to make it to the startline but we weren't the last out the water. We swam like silky otters.

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  1. Lookin finely tuned there Nick... I'm sure you had the Bingo women swooning too...