Thursday, 7 June 2012

Adventure Today

I'm doing the Seattle to SF ride with Seth Holton, Taj and Sandy Carson for Fairdale Bikes. I was once told that when travelling you don't need more than you can fit in your saddle bags but I'm amazed at how little I'm taking for 16 days on the road. It all sort of fits into a bag the size of a butty box.

I guess check Fairdale or for updates for our progress.


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  2. (Forgot a bit then, so I've re-written it...)

    Wow Nick! Fantastic! Hope you have a cool time dude - lots of adventures along the way I'm sure....

    I've got a mate who actually takes his bike on holiday with him as well (& I don't mean his girlfriend) - I presume you'll be picking one up when you get there... (a bike, not a ladyfriend)... or maybe you're taking your trusty steed with you... (your bike, not your ladyfriend).... have fun anyway...

  3. Love the blog Nick...... Glad you guys are having so much fun! What happened to the goat by the way? And did you have enough bum lube?.....