Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 1. Seattle to Eatonville

I arrived in Seattle with the only info of a girl called Jackie, driving a maroon Volvo with a colourful bike rack was going to pick me up. Sandy can be pretty spare with his details and organisation but I'm happy to go with whatever and I always figure if you haven't got a plan than nothing can go wrong. That was my idea for the whole trip. Sure enough, I stroll out the departure loungue and a maroon Volvo rolls up. Perfect timing and organisation, nothing to do with pure luck.
Jackie drives through the rush hour traffic, drops me at Seth's and we spend the evening at his friends, looking at a collection of incredible cyclo cross bikes, drinking, hanging around a fire barrel and playing basketball. The hours fly by and we go and pick Sandy up at midnight. It's on!
Morning arrives and we build up our bikes, get coffee and breakfast and leave for midday, then go back cos Sandy forgot his charger. The chemical set is brought out and after a false start of 6 miles we are genuinely on our way.


Seth rocks pen and paper. Sandy rocks an apple device.

An hour into our journey and Seth has already scoped out some possible dumpster food at a crisp factory, the outcome of this search around the factory is we meet the co-founder of the company who hooks us up with enough free vouchers to last the entire trip to SF. The lolz are starting to flow and the ride is great until we hit heavy rain for the last 20 miles of our ride. 87 miles after leaving Seth's we arrive at a hotel, soaking wet but happy. Day 1 over and out.

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