Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fixed gear century (more than adequate)

Recently I've been doing some fairly big fixed rides so it's almost ironic that my last post was concerned about cycle computers because I put one on today. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know  how far I'd been riding. I set off early 'cos the weather forecast looked grim for the afternoon. I was the first person at Eureka cafe and after a cup of tea I set off towards Chester and onwards to the lanes around there which some old bike dude who rode in the Milk Race showed me a few weeks ago.
As predicted the weather closed in and in what is becoming a regular occurrence, I spent the next two hours getting soaked and covered in road debris, mainly in the form of cow shit from the lanes.
I stopped off at Eureka for another pint of tea and then rode towards home. I saw Dave Lloyd heading in the opposite direction with his head down style and as usual giving no acknowledgement and then a little later I saw Chris Boardman heading in the opposite direction, at least he gave me the cyclist nod and a smile, he was as wet as me but definitely going faster than I was.

Anyway, the scores on the doors, 101.33 miles with an average speed, a more than adequate 17.5mph.


  1. Nick, you're a dude..... I'd of given you a friendly smile........

  2. i'd have given you the finger you wet bugger!