Sunday, 29 July 2012

The true Adequate Riders, Adequate Speed

I never have a computer on my bike, I have no way of knowing how far, fast, altitude, cadence and all those other details about a ride that sometimes can be nice to know and sometimes those are the details that can take all the fun out of riding. I have no intelligent device with Stravia or Garmin gps to measure and record routes.
A few years ago when I was riding alot with Gabe and my brother used to come out every so often, he was always asking about speed, mileage. I used to just laugh and say it didn't matter, none of us were left behind, we chatted and chuckled and never felt dead at the end therefore it was always an adequate amout of miles at an adequate speed. Eventually I gave into his requests for a speed and just said 17mph just seemed like an adequate cruise speed.
Somewhere on the road between Seattle to San Fransico a roadside speed monitor captured our speed and it really was the true Adequate speed.

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