Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Gold Beach. Sandy Carson and a Bullfrog Cradle

The night before we'd spotted this skatepark, as it's literally on the side of the road. It was called The Bullfrog and was by far the tightest and gnarly park any of us had seen for a while. After seeing Taj carve about at Reedsport Sandy was chuckling that he'd take a shot at the cradle. Baring in mind we'd just eaten breakfast 10 minutes earlier, he wasted no time in stripping his pannier bags off and rolled into the bowl.
The bowl was so tight that the wheelbase of his bike actually touched each transtition. Nah worries to the ginger beard, it took three rolls in till he was over 9 o'clock. The lols were happening and after a few more goes he had nailed the cradle, even getting down in the drops for more style points.
Sandy was the photographer on the trip so it was up to my instant camera and Taj's i-phone to attempt to capture the radness. Unfortunatley, I did a shit job of that, oh well, honestly, Sandy went way higher than we caught on camera.
If he'd have done it on a fixie, blogs around the world would, probably, 'blow dat shit up'.

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