Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gold Beach to Kalmouth

The day had started with Sandy in the cradle and it wasn't long till he followed it up with a clocked 50mph descent. The rad-o-meter was high, the chemical set had made an appearence, the lol-o-meter was high, the sun was high, everything was high. It was appropriate that we now crossed the border into California.
We thought that we'd take advantage of the good weather and try and get on the beach at Brookings and have a picnic. We took a paddle in the Ocean, Sandy made like a goat and climbed the rock and I drew a Fairdale bunny with a dobber. Good times.

The miles and towns passed by and we reached the part that Taj had feared since we set off from Portland, the climb out of Crescent City. His fear was spawned from talking to a guy who has a blog. (I know everyone who has a blog is a prick). The same guy advised and gave him some pedal straps which might work for enabling fixie skids, but for riding miles they are almost useless and Taj found this out to his own, uncomfortable, cost after about three days. It was strange to think that after all the climbing we'd done that any of us would be daunted by any terrain. To calm himself, Taj went to check out the fishing boats before tackling the climb. We let Taj2k ride off and he just made it effortless, so much so that we were joking while going up, rolling back down in sections to take photos of road signs and fallen trees. The climb out of Crescent City was a major let down on the fear factor. A week later I met someone who knows the blog guy and descrided him as, 'The Robbo' of the fixie world. When I got home, I planned to look on the interweb to see what this dude was all about but realised I probably couldn't be bothered.
We sped into Kalmoth to be greeted, much to Sandy's delight, by a huge lumberjack and his blue bull with only 1 bollock.

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