Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kalmoth to Arcada

We set off without breakfast and rode to meet Rob Jenson at a gas station on the highway. Rob had been following the trip on Faceblaster or Fairdale or somewhere on the interweb and got in touch to join us for a day on the trip. Sure enough Rob was on the roadside and after some coffee and snacks he lead us off into secluded forest roads. Apart from being a BMXer for Solid Bikes, Rob has been a park ranger for this area so, as we casually rolled down through the roads on what can best be described as a bicycle conveyer belt, Rob was dropping tree knowledge bombs on us. Star Wars, Jurassic Park were filmed in the area. He was spotting birds and wildlife for us. He escorted us to a herd of Elk, knew where a rescue helicopter was going to land. Rob was a great riding escort, Rob was a great BMXer. Sandy had a bunch of coverage once doing inverted x-up wall plants and admitted that the first person he saw doing that trick.
We rode along for a bit with a solo girl called Cleo, or Cloe or something beginning with C. She was riding to LA and was travelling on a super limited budget with a tarp and a hammock as her accommodation. She was the Queen of Adventure, Seth would have been proud of her. Rob was such a dude that without any prompting he instantly handed her his details and welcomed her to hang the hammock in his garden. What an accommodating dude. All I could think was, Sandy and Taj know some epic dudes.

We arrived into Rob hometown, Arcada and we went and hung out with his pals at Revolution Bikes. This was one cool shop. We got food, beers, various chemical sets and hung out in the sun on the pump track in the back of the shop. Taj did some art on the tree stump. I was determined to do a lap on the 16inch bike only to end up in a heap, in the dirt with the bike wrapped around my body.
As the sun set down, we followed Rob to get food, next thing we know is we are at a huge allotment garden. He took us to meet his goats and next thing he is inviting us to milk one of them. So funny, so bizarre. This had been one day of lolz, experiences and sights.
We stayed at Rob's that night. We did laundry, he cooked an epic meal with his home produce. He was the hostess with the mostess. Me and Sandy snuggled down into the most comfy bed ever. Cloe had settled into her hammock in the garden. We'd had such an epic day I forgotten that we been riding all day. Rob is a pure Solid dude. Amazing.

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