Sunday, 29 July 2012

Arcata to Gaberville

We set off from Rob's pretty late. Me and Sandy spent a bufty night in the comfy bed and woke up late. Rob got his stuff ready to pick up his goats to take them to a kids beach party. We nipped into town, had breakfast, went to Revolution Bikes and bought brake blocks and new tyres and set off at the late time of 1pm. We rode a non eventful day until we got to the Avenue of The Giants. This was a section of the ride that I had been looking forward to. I called all the Trees we saw 'sticks' that is what they are in their rawest, most natural form and these sticks are fucking huge and beautiful. They just tower over you and the lush green canopy that they create. Breathe taking, awe inspiring, humbling the adjectives are endless. The trails through the woods would be an incredible walk to take but sadly we only skirt along edges of the roadway. Flickers of masked sunshine create atmosphere, which is randomly broken up by bright, shards of light. We coasted through the quiet road, enjoying the splendour of nature. I got my first puncture but it was no hardship to have to stop and fix it in this area. Sandy and Taj both took plenty of photos as we rolled on the visual, tarmac conveyer belt. My camera had long ranout of battery life and i had no disposible camera at the time.  An excellent casual ride brought us back into the urban setting of Gaberville.

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