Monday, 16 July 2012

Coos Bay to Gold Beach

We set off pretty late this morning and cruised through town until the road opened up to more epic coastline, more shaded, forest greenery. I know, I know epic scenery, blah, blah, blah. One of the reasons you'd do and enjoy a trip like this is to get a different perspective on your sorroundings as you travel along, and at no point has it been disappointing.
As we cruised at a good pace me and Sandy stopped to take some shoots with the coastline as a backdrop. Taj was wacking out a good cadence and disappeared off into the distance, there was no point in us chasing down the new road riding Taj. At some point we caught up with him, ate and got coffee. The weather was bright and clear but not hot and it was the first time we had caught a tail wind which pushed us along with ease. It was a pleasure and without any effort we were eating up the miles, flying along the cliffs of the coastline.

Taj had gone on way ahead of us, Humbug Mountain, roadside dinosaurs more photos and lols delayed us but it didn't matter too much. We'd knocked out the 87 miles at speed with such little effort. Taj had made friends with an elderly couple in the Pizza parlour at Gold Beach and was in good spirits. We checked into the Motel 6 to find that there was a hot tub. Mega. Sandy and I rode back down town, went and got a brilliant Chinese meal, beers and headed back with food to find Taj loving the hot tub. Taj went back to the room and after doing laundry we snuck the beers into the hot tub. Glory. We're living like kings of the road, laughing and stoked. Sandy found a saber-tooth necklace in there and wore it for the rest of the trip as his, 'hot tub throphy'.

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