Thursday, 5 July 2012

Olympic City to Newport

Today we'd planned as a sort of rest day, not because we're feeling fatigued but more to do with the location of possible hotels for the next night stop. My legs had stopped aching a few days ago and it is surprising how quickly your body accepts and adapts to the abuse it is getting while spending days in the saddle.
We started the day with gloomy, wet weather. We we're feeling pretty relaxed so we went for breakfast at a cafe. This was the start of Taj 2k, we somehow managed to get him to drink coffee, Taj never drinks coffee, but the idea that it might spark some life into his body forced him to reach for the coffee cup.
Even though it was raining we went to the beach to look at Haystack Rock and Sandy did some Fairdale product shots. Seth and I spent some time paddling out into the Pacific Ocean. Eventually we went and hosed down our sand covered bikes and set off in the rain. Seth directed us onto the bike route that ran along the 101 Highway and we were treated to an empty road with sweeping hairpins bends, an incredible atmospheric forest, general messing about and a rope swing. Eventually we join up with the highway and rolled along the endless amazing Pacific coastline. It really was visually brilliant and the rain just added a mist to the scenery.
We stopped off for lunch at a supermarket and we realised Taj wasn't happy. He was cold and wasn't enjoying anything about the day. Seth and I handed over some spare clothing and we managed to force him to drink some hot choclate. Worst thing about cycling in the wet and cold is once you're cold you have to do all you can to stay warm. Taj is a novice at this touring thing so he was stubbornly refusing our advice. I'm positive we weren't trying to be patronising but I honestly thought he was going to throw in the towel. We had almost killed Taj again.

I can't deny it was a cold day and it had not stopped raining for a second. I'd taken to pissing myself or pissing on my feet to, it's not like I could get any wetter but it certainly makes you warmer. As the day came to a close we left Taj to find the hotel and went to check out a 60 foot concrete dock that had washed up on the beach from the Japanese Tsunami. The only thing that is gnarlier than a Wolverine is the power of nature!

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  1. Poor Taj...... did you all pee on him to keep him warm?