Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 6. Newport. Seth Holton, totally adequate (reprise)

Day six of our ride and it has come to the point were Seth is leaving us to catch a lift back to Seattle.
I have known Seth for a number of years as a sidekick to Ryan Worcester. To me they are, 'The Kings of Adventure'. The tales of wild adventures and them pushing their boundaries to what could perhaps be described as a life threatening situations are as stupid as they are inspiring.
From the very start of the trip Seth's only agenda was for fun. He is laid back and not in your face but he certainly doesn't need any encouragement for laughter. At any opportunity he was having a 'lolcano eruption'. He brought a backpack that he stacked with all kinds of things, food, clothes, survival shelters and his own chemical set which was used on our departure, only yards away from his front door.
I have already mentioned that Seth has incredible riding skills and his route choice was brilliant. He knew when to steer clear of highways and he was a great motivator to help you ride any condition or terrain but it was all the useful and fun knowledge bombs he kept dropping that made it for me.

Always helpful, he'd push broken down cars, lift beer kegs onto pick up trucks, whatever needed doing he was there to assist. After I left my waterproof jacket in a bar he gave me his saying, 'Don't worry, you'll need it and I got it out of a dumpster anyway'. I expected nothing less from him and would have felt slightly disappointed if he hadn't have got the jacket from a bin. He was constantly pointing out the wildlife that we saw, he knew about the 22degree sun flare, he was predicting weather conditions, bike maintenance tips, the best way to dry wet clothing, telling tales of his friends, who are real life adventurers of beyond epic proportions and he proved the existence of the gnarliest creature alive, The Wolverine. He was our experienced roadie and our riding pillar of wisdom.
After handing over the batten of the chemical set, he was ready to leave and decided to drop his biggest knowledge bombs. I wish I'd have been able to record these 'Seth-phonics' because it was amazing. He was just telling us to relax, cruise the downhills smoothly, never fight the hills, stay calm cos he knew we could get up anything, just find a comfortable cadence, get your rhythm, don't force it and 'you'll find your stoke'.
Seth, you are half the King of Adventure. We did find our stoke. Thanks.

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