Monday, 2 September 2013

Jennifer Trouton

Jennifer is an incredible artist. Such skill, talent and craft. Exquisite attention to scale, detail and composition with wonderful subject matter that can be sombre and joyful with a delicate use of colour. Her work blows my mind that it is possible for a human to create such beautiful images by hand. Her work gets a reference (Looking at the Overlooked) in that 50 Shades Of Grey book and this is a print, that hangs proudly in my living room, of a section of that painting and the interesting thing for me is part of that painting is of a telephone in my house.  I also like that fact that the book about a perv and is bought up by horny middle aged housewives has sold more copies than the book about the baby Jesus.

1 comment:

  1. Can't see it in too much detail but from where I'm standing looks like 36 intricate little paintings in one! How lovely! She must be very talented cos they look almost like photographs from here. I'd suggest a close up of a bit of it but this is meant to be a bike blog not an art one isn't it? ..... I'll check her out on tinterweb instead....