Sunday, 8 September 2013

New Bird. Concrete sculpture by hand. Motorhead.

A few years ago I started helping out building New Bird skatepark. There was a constant and fairly regular crew building and paying for it. At the time I was so stoked just doing it and the more it seemed like people wanted it to stop the more my positive vibes towards the whole DIY idea grew. I'm sure one of the hardest days graft I have ever done on anything was at New Bird. There have been various events held at the park since it was (completed) and I'm sure there are a few mixed views on this but it is a good acknowledgement of what a few can achieve with hard graft and determination. This is the Vans demo and is by far the most populated the park has ever been. I think the park has fulfilled it's purpose to be skated and get skaters stoked to skate. I know and appreciate every person that moved bricks, cleaned up or 'got another mix on' and I'm stoked to know that my sweat and piss is bonding that concrete together.

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